Florence Greeters is a non-profit project, the Network International Global Greteers local program. Florence Greeters are your friends in Florence who you haven’t met yet! We are local volunteers who enjoy to make new friends, practice languages and cultural exchanges, talking about what we love: their beautiful city! A Greeter will give you their point of view and fulfill your curiosity about the everyday life of a citizen in Florence.

But be careful! The Greeters are not tour guides but simply “friends in town”: they cannot accompany you at the museums, churches and monuments, nor give you any explanation about history, architecture and art; We are here just to chat with you friendly and talk about our daily life in the city! Florence Greeters are volunteers who want to show you how welcoming are the people of Florence and therefore they offer their time for FREE … in return, they just want to speak with you in the language they wish to practice and to have a great time!

So… there are no maps, no book guides, open your eyes and just immerse yourself in our daily lives: …thanks to Florence greeters you will feel like a real Florentine for a few hours!

Do you have any questions? Contact us at  florencegreeters@gmail.com

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